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Colton Chehowy

Tank Worlds : Hamilton Harbour
Islands of Remediation

The remediation of water, alongside the sediment within water.
Removing the poison of industry and replenishing with nature.

The interest lies with the reversal of entropy as a metaphor of the nearly impossible task of removing toxins from water. The targeted issue with Hamilton Harbour is that of PCB contamination within Windermere Arm. Water from the Arm flows through Windermere Basin and then into the city of Hamilton.

The left most site is experiencing a transition into a marshy wetland, and the site on the right is receiving all of the displaced land from the other site in the form of small islands. These islands form the basis of a filtration system for the water that flows from Windermere Arm into the Basin.

The main process occurring is that of phytoremediation, with poplar trees populating the islands, switch grass covering the sediments near the water’s edge and reeds growing on the small floating islands attached to the supports of the bridges.

As a final move, the site is intended to bring an essence of publicity within the guise of nature revitalization.